FroZEN75's Private Event Venue Use Agreement

Rent the venue now for your Private Event.

This information is a binding agreement between the Event Organizer(s) and FroZEN75. The information provided is for buyout and venue rental, not to be confused with a VIP area reservation during the regular nightclub events.

All potential organizers must read, understand and agree to the terms below before reserving the venue. This information will serve as your contract with FroZEN75 for your reservation.

It is the organizer(s) responsibility to schedule and attend a tour of the venue before the booking or reserving the space or paying for any services provided by the venue. We recommend a planned visit to anyone interested in this venue. A meeting and tour are recommended but not mandatory.

  • Definition

Private Events:

Only invited guest are permitted to attend. An event where all invite guests gain entry through a guest list or printed invitation.

There's not a charge by the organizer to the guest to attend the event.

Public Events:

  • An event where there is a charge to the general public to attend the event.
  • An event whereby the organizer will gain financially from the event or receive proceeds from the event.
  • A publicly promoted event where anyone is allowed to attend.

What Your Reservation Includes:

  1. All prices include the use of the venue to set up, host your event and clean up after the event.
  2. Additional charges apply if more time is needed that exceeds the posted allocated time for each reservation. Example: More time to set up or have things delivery outside your allocated hours.
  3. All prices include the use of the venue's effects, sound and lighting equipment under normal use conditions.
  4. All prices include one (1) DJ/Producer to assist with music and effects for 2 - 4 hours. * If you don't wish to use our DJs/Producer service included in your package, then we will discount your package price by 15% when you enter the discount code at checkout. Enter this code at checkout (NODJ), and your discount will automatically apply to your order.
  5. All options with fifty (50+) or more expected guest include one (1) staff member to assist you with your event/party. If needed, we can provide additional personnel such as a Greater or Door Person for an additional charge. *See Buy Out Services page for pricing.
  6. All prices include two (2) coolers for drinks and refreshment during your event/party.
  7. Ice for the coolers is the organizer's responsibility.
  8. An area for food staging is available along with a seating area for dining if needed. *Clients can provide additional equipment, if they so wish, including seating, tables stage, props, and decorations.
  9. The organizer is responsible for cleaning during and after the event/party. Allow time for setup before the start of your event/party and at the end of your event/party for cleaning. *Clean up must be completed during the organizer’s paid reserve time or more time must be added at a per hour charge to accommodate the situation.


  • Clients will have access to all public areas within the venue from the start of the paid reserved time until the end of the paid reserved time. Standard four (4) hours for each reservation. _
  • The organizer will be responsible for all refreshments such as food and drinks if the organizer wishes to have such goods for all expected guest.
  • At no time will alcoholic beverages be allowed in or around the venue regardless of the use of the space.
  • At no time will tobacco product or the use of any tobacco product be allowed inside the venue.
  • At no time will any illegal substance/drugs or the use of any illegal substance/drugs be allowed in or around the venue.
  • The organizer must to be aware and abide by all local and state laws governing their use of the venue, particularly the curfew laws as it pertains to all teen under the age of 18.
  • An event that caters to teens under the age of 18 must end no later than 11:30 due to citywide curfew laws.
  • Teen events booked on Saturdays must end no later than 11:00 pm to allow the venue to transition smoothly due to the weekly teen nightclub schedule for 18+.
  • 18+ events booked on Saturdays must not start before 11:00 pm to allow the venue to transition smoothly due to the weekly teen nightclub scheduled events.
  • The organizer is responsible for any and all damages to the venue or equipment and furnishings within the venue during their paid reservation time.
  • A $200.00 refundable deposit fee may be charged to cover any damaged before the start of any event. (Depending on the size of the party and management discretion)

Cost/Pricing Information:

  • Buyout charges are located on the Buy Out Services page.
  • All rates are calculated based on and Nature Of The Event, Day, Time and Assumed or Projected Number In Attendance.
  • You have the option to pay in full or make the required deposit when reserving the venue. Dates are not guaranteed and locked in until full payment or deposit is received.
  • A 10% discount is automatically applied if your initial payment is in full, waving the option for a deposit.
  • Deposit payments are not eligible for the 10% discount at a later date or time. **We will invoice You for the remaining balance minus your deposit.
  • You may request a 10% discount if your organization is a church, nonprofits, schools or youth-based organizations. Just let us know if this applies to you and we will provide you with the discount code needed for this reduction when you are ready to make your reservation.

Payment timeline:

  • Any reservation made within ten (10) days of the scheduled event must be paid in full to lock in the reservation. **deposit will not be accepted.
  • Any reservation made before ten (10) days of the scheduled event date is eligible for a deposit payment to lock in the reservation.
  • If a deposit is made. All remaining balance must be paid in its entirety five(5) days before the scheduled event date, or a late fee will apply to the remaining balance.

Late Fee:

  • A $50.00 late fee will apply to all reservation with a balance due past the posted due date on each posted invoice.

Cancellation Policy:

  • A full refund is available for all cancellation request made thirty (30) days before the scheduled event date.
  • Any cancellation request made within twenty-nine (29) days but before ten (10) days of the scheduled event date will result in a partial refund of 50% all funds collected from the organizer.
  • Any cancellation request made within ten (10) days of the scheduled event date will result in a forfeiture of all funds paid by the organizer.
  • A credit of the forfeited funds will be credited to the organizer if he/she can reschedule for a later date within ninety (90) days from the originally scheduled date. **This is a one-time courtesy and will not be repeated.
  • Any cancellation made five (5) days before a scheduled event by the organizer will result in full forfeiture of all funds collected without credit for future use of the space.
  • If an event, venue rental or buyout needs to be canceled or rescheduled by the organizer for any reason, a fee of $50 will be charged to the organizer.

All reservation matters must be made in write sent via email to The venue must be notified by email of any changes to any scheduled reservation.**

Any additions, changes questions or request to this use agreement must be in writing sent to and from email address, or it will not apply to your reservation.